Multicellular Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy for Patient Health

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for patient health

Vericel Corporation is a leader in the development of patient-specific multicellular therapies for the treatment of severe diseases and conditions. This therapy is the infusion, injection or transplantation of whole cells into a patient for the treatment of a disease or condition. The goal of cell therapy is to repair or restore damaged tissues or organs. One of the most common cell therapies is the use of bone marrow transplantation.

How does multicellular therapy work?

Stem Cell Processing in the Vericel Corporation Lab

Vericel uses a proprietary cell-processing manufacturing technology to expand naturally occurring populations of cells derived from the patient’s own bone marrow. The bone marrow sample taken from the patient, in the first step of the process, contains a range of cells known to play important roles in the natural healing mechanisms of the human body. Through research and clinical development, it has been shown that Vericel’s proprietary cell manufacturing process yields a mixture of cell types with diverse properties that promote long-term tissue repair in conditions such as dilated cardiomyopathy—a critical cardiovascular disease that currently has limited or no treatment options.   Contact us with questions about our research and development or manufacturing process.