Vericel Corporation holds patents covering strategically important areas of its tissue repair cell (TRC) technology platform, with intellectual property (IP) protection across a broad range of positions in cell therapy and regenerative medicine. Ixmyelocel-T is covered by our patent holdings. To view patent information, follow the links to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office website provided in the IP Protected column.


Patent Number

IP Protected


Expiry Date

Method 8,394,631 Method for manufacture of cell compositions Aastrom 13-Oct-2027
Method  8,158,122 Method for cell administration of TRC (ixmyelocel-T) to patients Aastrom 13-Oct-2029
COM 7,871,605 TRC Composition Aastrom 13-Oct-2029
COM 5,670,147 Ex vivo cell culture composition Univ of Mich 23-Sep-2014
Device 6,238,908 ARS System Aastrom 7-Jun-2015
Device 6,228,635 Cassette for ARS Aastrom 7-Jun-2015
Device 6,096,532 Robot for ARS Aastrom 7-Jun-2015
Device 6,048,721 Cell growth program for ARS Aastrom 7-Jun-2015
Device 5,994,129 Cell growth apparatus for ARS Aastrom 7-Jun-2015
Device 5,985,653 Incubator for ARS Aastrom 7-Jun-2015
Device 5,688,687 Bioreactor for “mammalian cells” Aastrom 18-Nov-2014