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Autologous Cell Therapy

Patients are the source of their own therapies. Their own tissue is processed and expanded into a specific cell or multi-cell therapy, then returned to the surgeon for implantation. Read More

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Vericel is committed to improving the lives of patients with serious medical conditions by developing and manufacturing unique cell therapies and specialty biologics. Read More


Integrity and accountability are the foundations of our efforts. We are committed to being open and transparent in our interactions with each other, our patients, and our investors. Read More

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Advancing Autologous Cell Therapy for the Treatment of Serious Conditions

About Autologous Therapy

Autologous cell therapy uses a patient’s own cells for the treatment of a condition or disease. The cells are collected from the patient and expanded or multiplied outside the body, then reintroduced to the same patient. Advantages for this type of cell therapy include minimizing the risk of rejection and therefore the need for immunosuppressive therapy.

From Tissue to Treatment

  • Collection/Isolation: Physicians collect small target cell tissue samples from individual patients, then ship to a Vericel cGMP certified manufacturing site. The specific cell types are then isolated from the tissue based on the condition being treated.
  • Expansion/Implantation: Using well-validated techniques and growth factors, the cells are expanded several million times and prepared by the surgeon for implantation into the same patient.

Vericel is currently marketing a robust therapy portfolio targeting areas of significant medical need See our product pipeline

In The News

This Implant Helps Heal Knees With a Patient’s Own Cartilage

This Implant Helps Heal Knees With a Patient’s Own Cartilage

Vericel’s FDA-approved MACI procedure has a small but valuable audience. With few choices, the Cedars-Sinai pediatrician decided to try a first-of-its-kind treatment from biotech company Vericel Corp., which specializes in tissue engineering. By employing a sort of...
Synthetic Materials Can Replace Cartilage in Your Aching Joints

Synthetic Materials Can Replace Cartilage in Your Aching Joints

Instead of surgically fusing bones or replacing joints, some doctors are opting to use the new cartilage substitutes. Cartilage, a rubbery tissue that acts as a cushion between bones of joints, doesn’t come with a lifetime warranty.  When it wears down with age, or is...
Vericel brings cell therapy to knee patients

Vericel brings cell therapy to knee patients

Last month, Vericel reported record second quarter revenues – the fifth consecutive time they have topped previous numbers. The Cambridge Massachusetts-based cell therapy company has two products on the market: Epicel to help burn patients and MACI (autologous...

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